Mighty Miura's

Miura Snowsports - Kids Lesson Miura Snowsports - Kids Lesson

Mighty Miura’s (Kids Ski, ages 5-12 years old)

We’ve curated a team of specialised Mighty Miura children’s instructors dedicated to ensuring an unforgettable experience for your kids. With their expertise, we guarantee that children will seamlessly immerse themselves in the joys of skiing and adventure, gliding effortlessly in our beginner playground and embarking on thrilling adventures on the upper and lower slopes.

We also offer private lessons for kids as well, please check the prices here

Our Instructors

All of our kids instructors are comprehensively trained on the Miura Methodology in addition to their own instructor qualifications.

Full Day Program

Days 9am-12
1 ¥13,000
2 ¥26,000
3 ¥37,000
4 ¥48,000
5 ¥59,000

Includes lunch


Half Day Program

Days 9am-12
1 ¥10,000
2 ¥20,000
3 ¥28,000
4 ¥36,000
5 ¥44,000

Ability Levels

1 Mighty Starter I am a first time skier, or I am still learning to snowplough on my skis
2 Mighty Beginner I can make snowplough turns on beginner terrain
3 Mighty Intermediate I start my turns in a snowplough and end them in parallel, can ski easy intermediate terrain
4 Mighty Good I can make parallel turns on intermediate terrain
5 Mighty Great I can ski parallel on variable terrain

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