Getting to Asahikawa – Flights

Getting to Asahikawa is easy, the airport is located 20 kilometers south of the city and there are flights to and from Tokyo (Haneda Airport), Osaka (Kansai and Itami Airports), Nagoya and Seoul. Jetstar have connecting flights from Narita.

The airport is connected with the city center by bus and is 750 yen.

Flights from Tokyo are serviced by:

  • ANA (Haneda)
  • AirDo (Haneda)
  • JAL (Haneda)
  • Jetstar (Narita)

There is around seven domestic flights a day both in and out of Asahikawa from Tokyo Haneda and return trips start at $300 (approx) with AirDo.

You can also take the train from Sapporo to Asahikawa with JR and it takes around 1.5hours.

Asahikawa Airport

Getting to Downtown Asahikawa

You can take a bus or taxi to from the airport to downtown Asahikawa, if you take the bus, the timetable coincides with the flight arrivals. Most hotels are within close proximity to the train station where the bus stops, or you can grab a taxi to your hotel from the station.

You can also get the bus direct from the airport to Kamui, see the details below.


Asahikawa – Kamui Bus Timetable

Adults 700 yen – Kids 350 yen (one way)

Hotel Crescent Asahikawa7:518:5110:1111:11
Art Hotel Asahikawa7:538:5310:1311:13
Toyo hotel7:548:5410:1411:14
Asahikawa Station (Bus stop 22)8:009:0010:2011:20
1-jo 7-chome (Bus stop 11)8:039:0310:2311:23
Kamui 4-jo 1-chome8:109:1010:3011:30
Takasagodai entrance8:139:1310:3311:33
Santapresent park8:189:1810:3811:38
Kamui Ski Links8:409:4011:0012:00


Kamui – Asahikawa Bus Timetable

Kamui Ski Links14:0015:0016:30
Santapresent park14:2215:2216:5220:00
Takasagodai entrance14:2715:2716:5720:05
Kamui 4-jo 1-chome14:3015:3017:0020:07
Asahikawa Station (Bus stop 22)14:3715:3717:0720:22
1-jo Showa Dori14:4015:4017:1020:24
Art Hotel Asahikawa14:4215:4217:1220:27
Toyo hotel14:4315:4317:1320:28
Hotel Crescent Asahikawa14:5015:5017:2020:35


Airport – Kamui – Airport Bus Timetable

Asahikawa Airport10:00Kamui Ski Links14:3020:35
Kamui Ski Links11:00Asahikawa Airport15:30