Where is Kamui Resort & Kamui Ski Links?

Just an easy 30 minute drive from Asahikawa, Hokkaido’s second biggest and most northern city.


Download the trail map

Lift Ticket Pricing

  • A full day ticket approximately converts to AUD $48 (based on Nov 23 currency rates)
  • A family of four for 5 days of skiing & riding – $700
  • A 500 yen fee is required for the ticket card and will be refunded upon returning the card
  • Senior rate applies to people over 60 years old (ID required to confirm age)
  • Elementary school student rates apply to children under 12 years old or elementary school students. Preschool children are free
  • If you ride the gondola when using a coupon ticket (12 points), 3 points will be used each time

Delicious Food