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Miura Snowsports Overview Miura Snowsports Overview

What makes Miura Snowsports so compelling?

Gota Miura proudly serves as the director of Miura Snowsports, a legacy deeply rooted in over a century of family tradition and passion for skiing and adventure.

For five decades, the Miura name has been synonymous with adventure and skiing excellence, renowned not only across the globe, but particularly revered in Japan for their remarkable achievements.

Gota’s grandfather, a centenarian skier, played a pivotal role in shaping Japan’s ski industry. His father made history in 1970 as the first to ski down Mount Everest with a parachute on his back, summiting the world’s highest peak three times and setting records as the oldest to summit Everest twice, once at the age of 80.

Carrying forward this legacy, his brother represented Japan in downhill, super-G, and GS events on the global stage, while Gota carved a path on the world cup circuit for mogul skiing. He proudly wore Japan’s colours at the Olympics twice and summited Everest alongside my father, embracing the spirit of adventure and freedom that defines Miura family.

At the heart of the Miura Philosophy lies the pursuit of freedom through adventure, particularly within Snowsports. Miura instructors and guides embody this ethos, delivering pioneering programs that are meticulously designed to cater for diverse interests and skill levels.

Each program is meticulously crafted to cater for a diverse spectrum of interests and skill levels, assuring adventurers discover an array of experiences that harmonise perfectly with their unique desires, freedoms and aspirations.

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Ability Levels



Level 1: “I’ve never skied.”


Level 2: “I can slide, slightly change direction, and come to a stop.” – Easiest green terrain

Level 3: “I can link turns together and stop where I want to on the easiest green terrain. My turns are usually all the same size.” – Green terrain

Level 4: “I am linking turns together smoothly on all green terrain. I can make narrow and wide turns” – All green and easiest red terrain


Level 5: “I am skiing mostly parallel in a couple different turn sizes and shapes on most blue terrain. I am beginning to use my poles and can hockey stop in both directions.” -All green terrain and most red terrain

Level 6: “I am skiing parallel and confidently on all groomed red terrain. I am exploring un-groomed trails and the easiest bumps. I usually

make the same turn sizes and shapes on un-groomed trails.” –All groomed reds, easy blue bumps, easy groomed blacks

Level 7: “I am able to smoothly link parallel turns together with a pole plant on all red and black terrain. I am exploring un-groomed black terrain, including bumps. I can connect different turn sizes and shapes seamlessly for the different challenges.” – All red terrain and most black terrain


Level 8: “I am making different turns sizes and shapes, including rhythmic short turns and large carved turns, on all red and black terrain (groomed or un-groomed). I feel comfortable exploring harder blacks and easier double black terrain.” – All black and easy double black terrain

Level 9: “I can ski the entire mountain and am working on skiing faster, smoother, difficult lines, and learning different strategies in the hardest terrain and snow conditions.” – Entire mountain, all conditions




Level 1: “I’ve never snowboarded.”


Level 2: “I have experienced sliding, traversing both directions, and stopping.” – Easiest green terrain
Level 3: “I can control my speed while moving across the hill, and can stop with confidence. I am starting to turn in both directions.” – Green
Level 4: “I can link skidded turns on green terrain.” – All green terrain


Level 5: “I am confident and can connect different turn sizes and shapes on all green terrain. I make more or less the same size and shape turn
on easy red terrain.” –All green terrain and easiest red terrain
Level 6: ““I am riding most red terrain by connecting various turn sizes and shapes. I am also exploring switch riding, easy bumps, and/or
freestyle.” –All red terrain
Level 7: “I am able to ride all red terrain in varied conditions and working on easy black terrain, including bumps, trees, and terrain parks.”
–All red terrain and groomed black terrain


Level 8: “I am confident performing dynamic turns on varied terrain and snow conditions, including trees, steeps and powder.” – All black and
easy double blacks terrain
Level 9: “I am confident riding the entire mountain. I am working on a variety of tactics and techniques that will take me to the next level.”
– Entire mountain, all conditions