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With over 1200 bars and restaurants to choose from, Asahikawa boasts a diverse culinary scene, catering to various preferences with its range of restaurants, famous for their ramen, yakitori and seafood. Ranging from the well-seasoned tender grilled chicken to the flavourful fresh fish, the local food in Asahikawa will surely awaken new cravings for Japanese food. From upscale dining establishments and lively Yakitori bars to traditional Hokkaido ramen joints, cosy family-run venues, and expansive eateries offering a mix of authentic Japanese cuisine, the options are plentiful. The best part is that all these dining experiences provide excellent value for money, making it easy to enjoy a satisfying meal for around $20 or ¥2,000.

The Aeon Mall adjacent to the Asahikawa train station is a convenient option and has loads of options on the fourth floor, including an all you can eat buffet that includes, beer, wine and whisky for just $16. It’s a hassle-free spot to satisfy your culinary cravings after a big day on the slopes. In addition, there is a very western friendly supermarket, a Starbucks and a food court situated on the ground floor.

A charming dining destination worth exploring is Furarito Alley (see below), a quaint laneway situated at 7-chome parallel to the main pedestrian street (Heiwa Dori Kaimono-koen), between 4.5 and 5 jodori. While it’s becoming somewhat popular with tourists, it remains home to authentic family-run restaurants, adding to its unique charm.

While the number of Asahikawa restaurants with English menus is on the rise, some places still require a bit of improvising, relying on your limited Japanese and Google Translate, staff are generally very accommodating. Part of the adventure lies in conveying your preferences, and if in doubt, observing what others are enjoying and politely pointing at their dishes might come in handy!

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Asahikawa boasts an abundance of bars, providing the perfect opportunity for some enjoyable bar-hopping if you still have the energy after a day of powder.

A variety of options awaits, and your drinking companions are likely to be predominantly Japanese unless you venture to the Den Bar. This vibrant international venue not only provides exceptional dining and drinks but also features live music and a pool table for added entertainment.

For those embracing their tourist spirit, Asahikawa is home to three sake breweries where you can indulge in informative tours. Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in the cultural experience of Japanese sake by sampling it at one of the numerous bars or restaurants scattered throughout the city.

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Asahikawa Bar
Furarito Alley

Furariti Alley

Furarito, a former vegetable market in downtown Asahikawa, has morphed into a late-night drinking and dining alley. Its tight confines, wooden signboards, and hanging lanterns make it feel a product of a forgotten era, but these also imbue the alley with a lively and charming vibe.

A plethora of small restaurants line either side of the walkway, serving various forms of classic Japanese cuisine. You’ll find izakaya (gastro pubs), ramen shops, sushi restaurants, yakitori (grilled chicken) joints, and liquor stores specializing in nihonsu (rice wine, often called sake).