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A powerful global collaboration with an outstanding track record, guaranteeing a successful outcome.

The achievements of the Miura Family place them in the global adventure elite. Three generations have been dedicated to pushing the boundaries with adventure and skiing, both in Japan and globally.

Having this prestigious Japanese family supporting the vision provides a powerful connection the to the local community and the wider Japanese ski industry. In addition, Gota Miura’s expertise in adventure programming is unrivalled – how many people have summited Mt Everest twice and competed at a World Cup and Olympic level.

Gota Miura is a director of  the company, he is strongly active in Japan’s skiing elite community and envisions Kamui Resort as the base to develop innovative winter sports and adventure programs.

Yuichiro and Gota Miura are committed to the Kamui Resort vision and its success.

Gota Trees
Kamui Resort Flyover

Our Vision

To develop Kamui Resort into a compelling all-season adventure destination that attracts international and domestic guests, delivering a very attractive alternative to other areas of Japan and Asia.

Cultivate a distinctive portfolio of services that embody the spirit of Kamui Resort and the Miura brand. Our pioneering Miura Snowsports and Miura Adventure programs are meticulously crafted to cater for a diverse spectrum of interests and skill levels, assuring adventurers the discovery of an experience that harmonises perfectly with their unique desires, freedoms and aspirations.

At Kamui Resort, we’re dedicated to igniting the flames of individual freedom, enabling each participant to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey that resonates deeply with their innermost desires.

International Team

Gota Miura has partnered with a global team to deliver an exciting vision for Kamui and the surrounding area.

They have successfully developed, operated and marketed a Hokkaido Resort prior and believe that the current infrastructure of Kamui Ski Links and Asahikawa, plus ease of access, will allow them to move quickly in developing awareness and a valuable proposition for tourism.

The team with the support of the region have an ability to quickly accelerate the vision and make an immediate impact.

Gota Miura

Director Hokkaido Global KK

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Nigel Abbott

Director Hokkaido Global KK

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Mark Forest

Director Hokkaido Global KK

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