Fukagawa Backcountry Tour with Miura Snowsports

There is plenty of great backcountry skiing near Kamui and we highly recommend you make it part of your itinerary. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first time as our Miura snowsports guides will have you covered, the climb to the old Fukagawa ski resort is certainly worth it and you can finish with the nearby Onsen.

Hidden gem - Aguri Kobo Mabu Onsen

After a big day at Kamui skiing or riding treat yourself to an Onsen, this hidden gem is just a 15 minute drive from Kamui. It’s only 500 yen and if you you get the Onsen Meal set it’s just 1,000 yen, talk about amazing value.

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Best things about Kamui - The vertical and diversity

The gondola provides 600m of vertical and with an easy 10 runs a day (by lunchtime) you’ll get 6,000m of vertical. The insane thing is how many different runs it delivers and the huge amount of diversity.

Asahikawa at night & the AEON Mall

Asahikawa comes alive at night with its prominent walking street that stretches 1.2km and showcasing a huge array of colourful lights. AEON Mall is worth the visit, head up to the 4th floor for a great selection of restaurants and make sure you indulge in the Grand Farm Buffet.

Best things about Kamui - The gondola

The charming four person yellow gondola at Kamui packs a punch delivering 700 vertical meters in just an 8 minute and 45 second ride to the top. From there you have acess to the entire mountain.

Best things about Kamui - Big wide open slopes

Gota Miura represented Japan as an Olympic and world cup bump skier and summited Mt Everest twice, he talks about one of the things he loves about Kamui. It is renowned for it is big wide open slopes, in fact, they run national GS and Super G races here, so if you are feeling confident you can really let it go.