At Kamui Resort, we’re dedicated to igniting the flames of individual freedom, enabling each guest to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey that resonates deeply with their innermost desires 

A ski-in / ski-out Japanese Village

Rarely do unique opportunities arise where nature, adventure and culture come together to deliver exceptional experiences for visitors to be immersed in.

Kamui Resort is your gateway to the Asahikawa region and Northern Hokkaido, therefore, becoming a key destination for international tourism. A very compelling alternative to other tourism destinations that have become expensive.

We have acquired 307,000m2 (30.7 hectares) of ski-in and ski-out land to develop a master planned village that is adjacent the Kamui Gondola. The area features frontage alongside the run for easy access to the resort.

The entire area is ski-in and we will strategically place a T Bar lift to provide ski-out for the entire village.

The village will be a mix of Hotels, Apartments, Onsen, Anti-aging facility and community, restaurants, shops and 150 land and villa lots.

Land Boundary
BW Village

A captivating experience for international guests

At the heart of every exceptional ski resort lies a pedestrian-oriented village that seamlessly encapsulates the essence of its natural surroundings while delivering the utmost in conveniences for a captivating experience.

Kamui’s natural setting will serve as the epicentre where guests forge deep connections and a sense of belonging, serving as a vibrant hub from which the spirit of adventure and the rich local culture radiate throughout the expanse of the Northern Hokkaido region.


Unrivalled Location

This large parcel of land is conveniently located to deliver a true ski-in and ski-out experience.

The Kamui Resort development will be a meticulously designed village and present a harmonious blend of Japanese-inspired architectural wonders, seamlessly integrated into the enchanting forest adorned with birch and pine trees. This idyllic setting promises a truly immersive and captivating experience for guests.


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