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Our pioneering Miura Snowsports and Miura Adventure programs are meticulously crafted to cater for a diverse spectrum of interests and skill levels, assuring adventurers discover an array of experiences that harmonise perfectly with their unique desires, freedoms and aspirations

A profound philosophy of 3 generations

Yuichiro Miura has been a lifelong Adventurer and Extreme Skiing Pioneer.

His deep reverence and respect for nature took root during his time spent in the mountains as a child. Miura’s father was Keizo Miura, known as the grandfather of skiing in Japan. Yuichiro passed that same philosophy onto his son Gota, a highly accomplished Olympic and world cup skier.

Miura became the oldest person to climb the peak of Everest, summiting at age 75, and again at 80 alongside Gota.

The bond of family and sharing these experiences together has been an important part of Miura’s legacy.

Gota Adventure
Gota Trees

Launching for the 24/25 season

Embracing this adventurous spirit and philosophy, Gota Miura has crafted specialised training programs for the Miura snowsports instructors and coaches.

This approach ensures that adventurers at every skill level can pursue and fulfill their desires, freedoms and aspirations.

We are thrilled to launch this innovative snowsports programming tailored to the needs of today’s adventurers at Kamui Resort for 24/25 season.

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