Global Network

A highly experienced team with a global network.

Japan’s most famous ski and adventure family and has partnered with an international team to deliver an exciting vision for Kamui and the surrounding area.

The team with the support of the region, have an ability to quickly accelerate the vision and make an immediate impact.

They have successfully developed, operated and marketed a Hokkaido Resort prior and believe that the current infrastructure of Kamui Ski Links and Asahikawa, plus its easy accessibility, will allow them to move quickly in developing awareness and a valuable proposition for tourism.

Through experience, they are very sensitive to the cultural differences and understand that to succeed, a balanced international / Japanese partnership is the key.

Gota -Nigel

Gota Miura

Director Hokkaido Global KK

Gota is the youngest son of Yuichiro Miura (“The Man...
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Nigel Abbott

Director Hokkaido Global KK & Hokkaido Global Pty Ltd

An extensive career in the ski industry across five countries....
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